6 from 38 Pools

Imagine life if you won 6 from 38 Pools?

Follow soccer (football) and know a thing or two about the sport? Then 6 from 38 Pools from thepools.com.au is the game for you. A fun game that can be played by anybody regardless of our soccer know how.

The Pools (known as 6 from 38 Pools in Australia) winning numbers are determined according to the results of 38 soccer (football) selected each week. You can find the next match list when you sign up to buy 6 from 38 Pools. The six winning numbers are the match numbers with the highest scores. The score is determined by matches where teams score the highest equal number of goals win.

Ways to Play 6 from 38 Pools
- cross off your six favourite teams
- cross off your six favourite numbers
- chose a 'Quickpick' random selection